by mollykl

When we moved to our new house we got rid of cable, which I have to say that I don’t miss, except for baseball. Because of my job I really can’t watch much tv at night anyway – going to bed at 7 does that.  And, really, there hasn’t been much I want to watch. But I discovered “Castle” on Hulu, and now I’m hooked. The story is always great, the show makes me laugh (Castle wears a flak jacket that reads “WRITER”) and I can only figure out “whodunnit” about half the time.

It’s my “ad day afternoon” indulgence. Cup of coffee (which I need after having been up since 2 a.m.), our ridiculously comfy couch and the latest episode of Castle and I’m good. Ok, in part, it could be because of Nathan Fillion. I loved “Firefly”, and “Castle” has just enough snarky, funny lines to remind me of that. Oh, and there are the “Firefly” references that keep sneaking in. (In one scene Castle speaks Chinese and when Beckett questions it he says it’s “from a tv show he used to love”).

The characters are just this side of cliches, but for some reason it works – even the daughter, who is the MOST unrealistic teenaged fictional character I’ve ever witnessed. Geez, I was a good girl in high school, but she’s just unbelievable. It’s over the top and stylish and I don’t know what I’d be more likely to kill for : Castle’s apartment or Beckett’s wardrobe.