There’s no sense crying over spilled milk

by mollykl

Domino’s been gone for over two years now, I’m still having withdrawal symptoms. I imagine it would be worse if my new house wasn’t already painted perfect colors, and all of our furniture looks great here. No need to decorate as such and god knows that after buying the house we couldn’t afford to do too terribly much. There’s no sense in whining about it but I miss that monthly adventure into Domino-land, and nothing else is as good.

Lonny comes close, however. Bi-monthly, with a nice web presence, it’s my new guilty pleasure. Everything they feature is way too expensive for the likes of me, but it’s a nice read, it’s free, and the photography is lovely. I’m starting to appreciate lovely, just for the sake of lovely. Doesn’t matter if it’s of something I’ll never be able to afford. And I have to say I love, LOVE, their countdown widget.

Probably more of a guilty pleasure would be the nest. This magazine is clearly too young for me – articles on newlyweds (it’s a spin-off from “the knot”) and every couple featured looks like they just graduated from middle school.  It would be perfect for my friends M & J, who are in their mid-20’s and in lurve (yeah, that was snark, sue me). But it’s a cute read and a perfect addition to an afternoon off with a cup of coffee and old Columbo episodes. (And after researching the Russian Revolution, let me tell you I need cute.) Of particular note, the article “just in time for v-day” (apparently, the nest does not believe in capitalizing) featuring “how to buy lingerie: a guy’s guide” and “how to buy condoms: a girl’s guide” made me laugh.