Why oh why do you torture me, writer-people? WHY?!?

by mollykl

And now the upside to to be being laid-up for two weeks: I’ve read about 20 books. Even though I’m now back to work, I just finished The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook and am telling everyone I know about it. Unfortunately, no one I work with reads, save for D and R (and I just gave R a bag full of my old Austen paperbacks, which are, amusingly enough, older than she is, since I bought them in college and she’s only 19). So I’m telling YOU. You, whoever reads this, go buy The Iron Duke. It’s wonderful and you won’t be sorry.

Unfortunately, I’m now hooked, and I see from the author’s website that I have to wait 11 WHOLE MONTHS for a new book. Can you die, actually DIE, from waiting on pins and needles? I mean, the phrase had to originate somewhere. Surely there must be something pin-and-needle-like somewhere in the world that could do me in.

It’s going to be a long 11 months.