3 things about NASCAR that would translate nicely in the real world.

by mollykl

1. You get black-flagged for going too slowly. Seriously I was following a grey Pilot onto THE FREEWAY and he was going MFN 45 MILES AN HOUR! Black flag! 45 miles an hour onto Hwy 50 should actually be called the suicide attempt that it is.

2. You get fined for bad behavior. We have a swear jar at our house, and it weighs a ton. What if in real life you got fined for your bad behavior? Oh, and the “trip to the red trailer” as a talk to the NASCAR bosses is called – it’s basically a “time-out”. I know more than a few adults who could use one of those (I could use one from time to time).

3. The boring, dull-as-rocks family guy comes in first. Trust me, I’m sick of watching Jimmie Johnson win championships.  But there is something to said about the straight-arrow guy winning. It doesn’t seem to happen much in the world today.