Sometimes, good karma for someone else is enough

by mollykl

Sometimes life just sucks. There it is: my words of wisdom for the day. Sometimes, in fact, life sucks so badly that you just have to make it through the day and search desperately for anything good, even if it’s happening to someone else.

My friend at work, M, by completely random chance, won tickets to a concert in San Diego, where one of her best friends from college currently resides. She’d actually been thinking of visiting just for a pick-me-up, and this fell into her life. Sign from God one might say. After not being able to secure an airplane ticket she could afford, and crying in her office at work, she walked into the break room today so radiant we knew something had happened. Two of our co-workers helped her not only cover her shifts, but helped her get a plane ticket for this afternoon. She is, at this very moment, on her way to a Josh Radin concert (whoever the hell that is).

That just made my fucking day. When things are not going well it’s easy to descend into self-pity and this really made me just think about how happy she was, and how amazing it is that we have coworkers that would take the trouble to help someone cover shifts (which is not easy) and help find flights. And with that, the day got better.