The 5 items always in my bag

by mollykl

1. My wallet – by Etienne Aigner. I think it’s possibly the nicest thing I own. Rather a sad statement.

2. My Moleskin planner. I used to belong to the cult of Steven Covey and carry a Franklin planner, and then I realized I didn’t need all that. I’m doing just fine with the Moleskin, thank you.

3. My small Moleskin notebook. Because I keep a seperate notebook just for lists. You see, I make lists compulsively. It relaxes me. Yeah, it may be a sign of some serious mental disorder, but as long as I’m ok with it, what’s the harm? So I have a book of lists that I carry around and add things to.

4. My silver Cross pen. I keep my good fountatin pens at home, so I carry this one. Plus, it’s a rollerball, so it has good flow.

5. My phone. I can live without it – I’ll say that upfront. But it’s got my husband’s number in it, which I never remember, and J’s daycare number. And I’m not sure I trust my car anymore, so it’s always good to have help.