State Fair

by mollykl

 I’ve always had a thing for the California State Fair. Even as a jaded teenager I’d go, not to the midway, but to the farm exhibits and all of that. We’ve been every year since we moved back, and so headed there last Wednesday night, and I was left with a few impressions.

Point, the first: Judges. Please do not judge the art after you’ve judged the wine. Judging, no pun intended, from the awards, you were drunk when you handed them out. As per usual, I saw some amazing work at the state fair this year. Also as per usual, it was all in the school-age categories. You want real art? Head for the kids work (and by “kids” I mean from 10-19). It’s always stunning and shows an originality completely lacking in the crap most adults, yours truly included, put out.  I love Jackson Pollock, but not enough to have to see another artist present what amounts to a copy of Lavender Mist. And this person got an award? Really?

Point, the second: Rick Springfield. Now,having spent 42 years on this planet, and having those formative years occurring in that vortex that we now know as “the 80’s”, I love me some Rick Springfield. Crush in junior high and all that. Would’ve killed to go to a concert back then. Would kill to avoid one now. We saw him four years ago at the fair, when I was pregnant, and sadly couldn’t use alcohol to erase the night from my memory. Let’s just say that somethings are better with the haze filter of youth.

Point, the third: I loved the animation exhibit, but why do I always feel like those exhibits in particular are just advertising? Granted, you could say that the fair in general is advertising for the state. But in this case I almost felt like Weiden & Kennedy had me on a collar. Still, I was excited to see the process for the new Disney flick “Tangled”, which I’m looking forward to. And, hello?, there was a display about anime that had J and I remembering Battle of the Planets and how much we both loved that show as kids.

Lest you think I didn’t have a good time, let me reassure you. It was wonderful! We walked, we talked, we ate corndogs and drank lemonade. We looked at the county displays and admired the student art. We wiggled our fingers at cute chicks and day old pigs and cooed at newborn goats.  It was everything the fair should be and the weather was even perfect and not too hot (which is so rare I’m awaiting the four horsemen to show up on my doorstep any minute now).

Of course we’ll be back next year. And I really hope Foreigner’s playing.

Post Script,  Ok, I thought I could let it go, but I can’t.  Judges, were you drunk when you judged the wine?  I’m bitter – I admit it. Bad Astronaut’s Dark Matter Zin only got a Silver and I’m peeved as all hell. Really, I should understand. It’s too good to be a zin! They probably thought he cheated, because nothing could taste that good and still call itself a zinfandel!  Where was the vague manischevitz taste? But again, really?