Book trailers. Book trailers?

by mollykl

Book trailers. I’ve noticed that several authors are using them…and I’m still not quite sure what to make of them. For most of my favorite authors I don’t even bother to look at them because, well, I’m already anxiously awaiting your book, and I’m afraid the trailer will just make me question that. When it comes to movies husband J’s assertion is that the better, bigger and louder the trailer, the worse the movie will be. But what about with books?

I understand the need to self-promote, particularly in a market that is increasingly tough (and with publishers who are increasingly miserly).  I don’t really have an opinion on them one way or another…they just make that space between my eyes crease as I mumble, “Huh? Book trailers?”

(Don’t  know what one looks like? See here for C.S. Graham’s latest. That said, I love her books written as C.S. Harris, but haven’t read the Graham ones, so the trailer has pushed me in that direction.)