The annual review

by mollykl

Got my annual review at work yesterday and…I still had a job today. (But after I snarked at my manager…I may not have one tomorrow.) I’m that idiot who actually likes reviews. I like to know where I stand, and will ask for feedback fairly regularly, whether you want to give it to me or not.

And that got me thinking: why don’t we get reviews in our real (non-work) life? I mean, really, what am I doing well and where am I falling short as a mother, wife or friend? Wouldn’t it be better to find out ahead of time instead of when the cops show up holding son J by the scruff of his neck, husband J lists “can’t stand any more fucking gumbo” as his reason for divorce, or my friends all mysteriously block my cell number? Who couldn’t use a little constructive criticism? And what would the review form look like?