by mollykl

…that’s my super-hero name, according to my husband, J.  Several years ago, pre-kid, we were sitting with some friends at the Bon Lair and decided to come up with our super-hero names. J came up with mine, partially out of snarkiness. He can’t stand the fact that I always talk in superlatives. Everything is always “the best ever” or a day was “the absolute worst ever”, but that’s just the way I am.

Last night we were at Temple for desert and ordered the chocolate chip cookies, which we’d had earlier in the week. The woman at the counter mentioned they were particularly good this week, to which I replied, “I had one a couple of days ago and it was THE BEST COOKIE I’VE EVER HAD.” J then rolled his eyes at me.

Jen, who works the coffee bar at the Nugget Market in Elk Grove, makes what is undoubtably THE BEST LATTE EVER. I think I’ve actually gone back and told her that, which in hindsight is probably creepy and I should refrain. The espresso is perfect, not that sharp burnt taste, or, even worse, the weird sweetness. Just perfect espresso that makes life so much better. I love walking in and seeing her there, because I know, automatically, that while everything else might go wrong that day, at least I’m going to start it with a damn good latte.

Mulvaney’s once made me the BEST DIRTY MARTINI EVER. Seriously. It was the Platonic form of martini. (Despite my friend S whining that martinis should be made from gin – I still prefer vodka). I don’t know what they used, but it tasted like vodka, not water (which is why I hate Grey Goose, if I want to drink water, I’ll drink water), had the appropriate number of olives, and just enough, but not too much, olive juice.  I also remember that night I had a salad with house-cured bacon and soft boiled egg, and then a carbonara with sage. So it was eggs and bacon and vodka all around. Basically a perfect evening that started off with a bang. Oh, and here’s the thing…the martini was SO perfect that I only had one, and so got to taste and enjoy my eggs and bacon later. And remember them the next morning.

Yes life has shades of gray, and no, I don’t always see it in black and white, best and worst. And while my husband might snarkily refer to me as “Superlativa”, I prefer “Enthusiastica”. The difference is really in how each of us see the world. If I enjoy something, damn I’m going to enjoy it. And if something makes me miserable, well, in a way, I’m going to wallow in that too. (One of my favorite memories from college was getting my heart broken, sitting and smoking clove cigarettes and drinking coffee while listening to depressing music. Really, everyone should have their heart broken like that at least once in their lifetime. And enjoy it.) But whatever it is, I’m not going to be blase about it.

So I’m enthusiastic. So sue me.