That’s humor with an “ou”, thank you very much

by mollykl

I am seriously enamored with BBC Radio 4’s News Quiz. For a long time I wouldn’t listen to it because, horror of horrors, it replaced (for the interim) my beloved Now Show on the Friday Night Comedy show.  But finally, desperate for snarky mis-spelled British humour, I gave it a listen.

Now, I get to work at 5 a.m. most days. Wednesday’s it’s 3 a.m.. We (stock crew and the bakers) all have our I-pods on, and really don’t talk much. It’s quite meditative and nice. Until I had to go and ruin it by laughing SO loudly that I could be heard all over the roughly 2500 square foot store. I really do have one of those laughs that carry And since that 30 minutes goes by so quickly, I’d have to replay the entire episode, and laugh just as hard again, sometimes repeating the lines. There I am, walking around the store, in the near dark, hanging tags and test scanning, all the while laughing hysterically and repeating jokes (“What does Nick Clegg stand for? David Cameron entering a room.”). Hell, I don’t even GET some of the jokes because they’re about people I don’t know and I STILL laugh till I’m sore.

D asked me what I was listening to and I tried to describe it, finally giving up with a lame, “It’s kind of like the Daily Show, but about British politics.” Doesn’t quite capture the essence, but it’s the closest I could get. (And now the stock crew thinks I’m even weirder than previously assumed)

The Now Show is back on, so I’m still getting lots of jokes about David Cameron, Nick Clegg and the assorted and sundry Miliband offspring, and while I still laugh out loud, I’m counting the days till I get my News Quiz back.