Torture, but the good kind

by mollykl

You know that feeling when you’re anxiously waiting on a favorite author’s newest release and you start think you might actually DIE from the anticipation?

Yeah, I’ve got that feeling…..times six. It’s bad when you keep checking back to the Amazon page, knowing that the info hasn’t changed, but you just need to see the cover one more time (or you need to keep checking back to see if the cover has been released.)

I’ve got whole days planned out: “Well, if Amazon ships so that I recieve it ON release day, then I have ad day at work, and the next day off, I can spend the whole day reading.  Memo to self, be sure I’ve got enough coffee and whole milk, and maybe something really great for lunch. Oh yeah, make J go to Ikea to get furniture for the front porch so I can sit out there and read. And for god’s sake ensure there’s enough scotch in case something bad happens and a favorite character dies.”

Seriously, I have these things planned out in my calendar. I can finish a book in a day, but I cannot and will not start a book that I’ve been waiting for on a day when I can’t just sit and read, because I will either a) stay up and finish it, and YOU try getting up at 2 a.m. to go to work after getting to sleep at midnight, or b) think about it constantly and be cranky and distracted at work. The distracted I don’t mind so much, but cranky makes it hard to get through the day.

That said, if you want to make plans with me this year the blackout dates are early April, late April, early September, late September, early October and late October. To be safe I’d avoid August as well. I’ll be too high-strung and the weather here won’t help.