Eau de wet dog….

by mollykl

Deanna Raybourn, one of my recent “Hey, I don’t have to do homework so I have free time to read!” discoveries, has a blog post about how scents trigger memories. Now, I don’t normally comment on blogs, because, well, I don’t. But this one hit too close to home, so I had to list my favorite scents, in order:

1. Wet cement.

2. Wet dog. (Yeah, go figure…)

3. Bonne Bell Skin Musk (ah, high school, which was quite miserable, given that I was not attractive and way too intelligent for my own good)

4. White Shoulders (which I loathe for the neroli note, but always makes me think of Christina Cockerham, who was my best friend in high school, so it is actually a happy association)

5. Mildewed books. In particular, my 1906 copy of “The Secret Garden” that I picked up in a bookstall in London. The damn thing is in horrible condition, but had the most gorgeous illustrations and smells like heaven. I know logically that mildew is bad for books, but if they could make a perfume out of it I’d buy it in a second.

6. Sawdust. Smells like my grandpa’s workshop where he carved birds and made my jewelry box. When I was in college I lived near them and I go visit for weekends. We spent hours in that workshop and I got to help him.

7. Cigarettes. Because they were my dad’s only constant accessory. (I also like the smell of clove cigarettes because they remind me of college)

I should also add that Rain perfume reminds me of my years at Escential, so every time I wear it I think of Meg and Emily, which is always a happy memory.