Laissez le bons temps roulez

by mollykl

I think it was Kerry Greenwood, in one of her Phryne Fisher novels, that decries drinking absinthe cocktails.

I disagree. I discovered the “Sazerac” at the Shady Lady a few months ago, and since I can’t get out to a bar as much as I’d like to (wait, that sounded bad…) I’ve been making them at home. Of course, I make mine a wee bit different from the Shady Lady’s recipe, in that I use a sugar cube instead of simple syrup, and I use bourbon instead of rye.

1 3/4 oz bourbon

dash peychaud bitters

1 sugar cube ( I use the brown la peruche cubes)

2/3 oz absinthe

Soak the sugar cube with the bitters and add bourbon, stir to disolve. Top with absinthe. (From the book “Classic Cocktails” by Salvatore Calabrese)

Yeah, I’ve ommitted the splash of soda water, and I’ve upped the amount of absinthe a bit.  In the book they say that the Sazerac made it’s film debut in “Live and let die” which also happens to be a favorite (it’s actually one of the few Roger Moore Bond films that I like, and Hello? Jane Seymour looking really hot, albeit pathetically Bond-girl whiny and needy).

The only thing that would make it better? I warm summer night and a good book while sitting on the porch. Alas, it’s raining right now…but a girl can dream.