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Month: November, 2009

Can we just go back to calling it “The day after Thanksgiving”?

by mollykl

Starting next week I’m going to have to get up at 3 a.m. to make it to work by 4, so NO WAY am I getting my ass out of bed early on a day off so that I can go get trampled by a surly mob.

Instead, I spent the so-called “black friday” cleaning out my closet and kitchen, yielding 5 bags to go to Goodwill and friends. I think I’ll make it an anual event.

Yeah, I hated cataloging class anyway…

by mollykl

Good thing I only have two more weeks to go before I complete my MLIS (Master of Library and Information Science, fyi).

If Drexel saw this they'd kick me out of school.

Surely REAL library students aren’t supposed to group their books by color? What happened to Dewey, or Library of Congress? Um, alphabetical?

The funny thing about this is that I got the idea from my friend L, who mentioned once a while ago that her sister M organized her books this way. I scoffed, rather, pompous- and self-righteous -ly. Big mistake. In the first place, NEVER criticize L’s sister in front of her; L is tiny but she’s got freakish mutant strength and is the scariest MFN size 2 I’ve ever met. She pointed out, in a very acidic tone, that you always remember the color of the book you’re searching for, and organizing them by color helps you find books faster and easier.

Damned if she wasn’t right. Originally my intent was, oh three years ago, to completely catalog all of my books when I went into labor. In the birthing class they told us to have a project since labor can last days before you actually deliver. Something detailed to get your mind off of the prospect of pain, that sort of thing. I was thrilled! I’d finally get my books organized! And then….I didn’t have labor, so the project got put off till my next vacation (which actually wasn’t for over a year and a half). At that point I spent the entire week trying to decide between Dewey and LOC. My husband wanted LOC, and it seemed the best, but I didn’t quite agree with some of the categories. Yes, these are the things I worry about. Once again, the books went unorganized, I couldn’t find my copy of Dune when I wanted it, and the whole thing was just stressing me out.

Finally I got fed up, remembered L’s words about color, and broke down and did it. My husband was not happy. He said arranging books by color was for people who a. bought books as decor and b. didn’t read their books. I think he was embarrassed. Truth be told, I’m a little embarrassed, but at least I can find my damn books when I want them. And, strangely enough, the bookshelf no longer stresses me out, but is rather soothing. Sue me, I like order.

Post Script. Sorry, but photo cuts out the exciting “white”, “beige” and “brown” groups. Your loss.

Post Post Script. L is probably reading this and cringing that the books aren’t in ROYGBV order.