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Month: September, 2009

Let’s just agree…

by mollykl

…to banish the psuedo-word  “foodie”, shall we? It’s pretentious as all hell. If you are pathetic enough to refer to yourself with this moniker (which, unfortunately, I’ve actually heard people do), you should probably know that we, that is all of humanity, think you’re just a jerk who likes to pay too much for your groceries. Congratulations! You know who Alice Waters is! You’ve read “In defense of food” ! I don’t object to eating healthily,  to knowing where your food comes from, to taking time to cook and eat with family and friends. I do object to food being a status symbol.

Get over yourself. It’s food. You buy it, you cook it, you eat it. If food has become the sole measure of your self-esteem, or the marker of what sets you apart from others, you’ve got a problem.

A summer night at the State Fair

by mollykl

What is it about the state fair that makes me think of high school…but in a good way? Walking in last night, enjoying the warm night air and the smell of popcorn, it hit me – that feeling that I was 17 again.  All I needed was some Johnson’s Baby Lotion, Bonne Bell Lip Smackers (Dr. Pepper flavor) and the Seventeen Magazine back-to-school issue.