I’m so ashamed. Wait, no I’m not.

by mollykl

I finally got around to reading my copy of American Libraries Direct today (cleaning out my e-mail in-box – yeah, I get the American Library Association newsletter…wanna make something of it?). In it is a story that I just had to investigate further entitled, “How to know if you are reading a  bad book.” The VERY FIRST example was so clearly about my shameful literary obsession, see below “Quality, schmality”, I laughed hysterically, then gleefully ran to tell my husband J (who was probably thinking, “And she’s happy that other people also think her taste in books is crap?”)

Oh, but it gets better. Read the comments: in them one of my all-time favorite sci-fi novels (well, ok, pretty much the only real sci-fi novel I’ve ever read) gets trashed. And then another favorite author gets added to the list. Should I really be having this much fun having everything I love lambasted?