Ms. Bacall

by mollykl

Turner Classic Movies is doing a whole day of Howard Hawks’ films, and tonight they’re showing “The Big Sleep”. Yeah, I already own it on DVD but I can’t resist watching it when it’s on. I love Lauren Bacall and can get lost watching her in anything…or just listening to that voice.
My friend Z was the same way. Years ago when Z was visiting a friend she was invited to a fundraiser that the incomparable Ms. Bacall was attending. When she she got back I had to ask how it went and if she actually got to meet her. For the only time in her life, Z seemed abashed. Finally I dragged the story out of her: it turns out that she did meet Ms Bacall…by backing into her and stepping on her feet. Ms. Bacall rewarded her with the most withering look Z’s ever seen in her life.
The irony of this? Z herself has the most withering look I’VE ever seen in my life, and has been known to intimidate Oscar winners (ask me about the story of her and Daniel Day-Lewis in the Starbucks sometimes…it’s hilarious).
Now whenever I watch Bacall movies all I can think of is that lovely face glaring as some poor sap steps on her feet. And it always makes me laugh.
BTW: did you know that William Faulkner wrote the screenplay? Yeah, THAT William Faulkner.