We have a winner!

by mollykl

And now the downside of 40’s: every doctor you see seems convinced you’re one step away from death. I wonder if UCD med should perhaps hire a special effects guy to have everyone over 40 followed by a large thunderstorm, that will flash and rumble when the doctor enters the room. If I have to hear, ‘Well, now that you’re in your forties…” one more time I won’t make it to my fifties.
Had to get a mamogram today, because, well, you know I’m in my forties, and apparently death is now my friend. I was checking out the machine, because there’s really nothing else for you to do while getting squished, and noticed the pounds per pressure marking (noticed it particularly as the nurse was ratcheting that thing up…christ).
Apparently it takes about 22 to 23 pounds of pressure for a mamogram. Uncomfortable as hell, but not really painful. Oddly enough, (mostly odd that I know this), it only takes 15 pounds of pressure to crush a man’s testicles.
So you tell me who the weaker sex is…