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Month: June, 2009

Quality, schmality

by mollykl

Over at Uneasy Rhetoric there’s a post about an NPR story “The Shelf of Constant Reproach” , and the author’s misgiving’s about the books on his shelf that sit mocking him…because he’s not read them.

I too have books that I’ve bought and just sit there waiting to be read. And there are books that, I’ll admit it, I keep because they make me look more intelligent than I really am (Bonjour Alexis De Tocqueville) Those don’t bother me. My secret is much darker and more twisted than that.

I have books I don’t put on my shelves because I’m embarrassed to own them.

Usually I’ll try to just get them from the library…that way I don’t have to worry about cost and storage. But lately, the really trashy novels I’ve been wanting to read have a wait-list a mile long (as in, 50 holds on 3 copies?), and damn it, I don’t want to wait that long. So I head to the Avid Reader or Borders and buy them. I’d buy them all at Avid Reader, but I’m too embarrassed even to special order the ones they don’t have. When I went to the Borders near where I work I silently prayed, “Please don’t come into my store and recognize me and say, ‘Hey, you’re the woman with the appalling taste in books!’”

Last year, about this time actually, on a week-long break from school, I picked up Twilight. I’d not read anything non-school related for a while. Library school had done that to me. Forest for the trees, or vice versa. I’d pretty much lost all enthusiasm for reading, because everytime I even looked at a book all I could see were the details of the book itself. But a friend at work, N, had read it and loved it, and I’d read a few librarian blogs that were talking about it, some hating it and some loving it, and I thought, what the heck, and jumped in. I loved it. As I was reading it I was realizing that it’s not terribly well written, but I DON’T CARE. The important thing is: I got completely wrapped up in the story, and managed, for a few hours, to forget everything else. And geez, that’s why I read. Quality, schmality.

I think there’s something to be said for trash literature. (And yes, the one’s man’s trash is another’s treasure could be inserted it, but that would be trite) Just because it’s not Shakespeare doesn’t mean it can’t take you someplace, or teach you something, or even, god forbid, afford you a moment of peace. I’m currently reading a series so impossibly trashy I hide the books from my husband so I don’t have to see him smirk, and because, well, I don’t want him to think less of me for liking this garbage. But “this garbage” has made me happy, and made me laugh, and in general made me all around more pleasant person to be around the past couple of weeks so it definitely has its uses.

I just won’t be putting it on the bookshelf.



by mollykl

I need a consensus: buying cologne for your significant other – yes or no? Father’s day is coming up, and I’m thinking of buying come cologne for him. Something I would like to smell on him, and I have two in mind. But yes or no? Is it presumptuous (even after 20 years together), or sweet?

Ms. Bacall

by mollykl

Turner Classic Movies is doing a whole day of Howard Hawks’ films, and tonight they’re showing “The Big Sleep”. Yeah, I already own it on DVD but I can’t resist watching it when it’s on. I love Lauren Bacall and can get lost watching her in anything…or just listening to that voice.
My friend Z was the same way. Years ago when Z was visiting a friend she was invited to a fundraiser that the incomparable Ms. Bacall was attending. When she she got back I had to ask how it went and if she actually got to meet her. For the only time in her life, Z seemed abashed. Finally I dragged the story out of her: it turns out that she did meet Ms Bacall…by backing into her and stepping on her feet. Ms. Bacall rewarded her with the most withering look Z’s ever seen in her life.
The irony of this? Z herself has the most withering look I’VE ever seen in my life, and has been known to intimidate Oscar winners (ask me about the story of her and Daniel Day-Lewis in the Starbucks sometimes…it’s hilarious).
Now whenever I watch Bacall movies all I can think of is that lovely face glaring as some poor sap steps on her feet. And it always makes me laugh.
BTW: did you know that William Faulkner wrote the screenplay? Yeah, THAT William Faulkner.

We have a winner!

by mollykl

And now the downside of 40’s: every doctor you see seems convinced you’re one step away from death. I wonder if UCD med should perhaps hire a special effects guy to have everyone over 40 followed by a large thunderstorm, that will flash and rumble when the doctor enters the room. If I have to hear, ‘Well, now that you’re in your forties…” one more time I won’t make it to my fifties.
Had to get a mamogram today, because, well, you know I’m in my forties, and apparently death is now my friend. I was checking out the machine, because there’s really nothing else for you to do while getting squished, and noticed the pounds per pressure marking (noticed it particularly as the nurse was ratcheting that thing up…christ).
Apparently it takes about 22 to 23 pounds of pressure for a mamogram. Uncomfortable as hell, but not really painful. Oddly enough, (mostly odd that I know this), it only takes 15 pounds of pressure to crush a man’s testicles.
So you tell me who the weaker sex is…