When is too much really too much?

by mollykl

I have a paper due on sunday. Ask me if I’ve started it. Two weeks ago I had Easter AND inventory at work, then the following weekend we had a huge sale. J has suddenly decided to give credence to the description “terrible twos”. My husband’s job is requiring him to be out of town frequently. Oh, and I’m sick.
So when is too much really too much? But really, I decided to go to school, so the paper is no one’s fault but my own. And as much as the two-year old is getting on my nerves, I’m the one who wanted a son who had some backbone, so I shouldn’t complain when I have to deal with the result. And hey, at least I HAVE a job.

I’m exhausted, I want to sleep in, and maybe read something for fun (remember what that is?), even just take a bath. There’s always next week, right?