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fortune favors the bold

Month: March, 2009

Help is on the way!

by mollykl

At dinner the other night (yes, we actually got to go out – trying out a new babysitter for J) a friend and I were talking about the economy and how it had to get better soon, mainly because  Anna Wintour was NOT going to be putting up with this “recessionista” crap for much longer.

Always saying good-bye

by mollykl

Yesterday was R’s last day at work – she’s moving to another store next week. When she told me I nearly started crying. She’s one of my favorite people – her smile always makes my day and she’s funny as hell. A bunch of us got together in the coffee bar to say goodbye (even super-snarky M came, and that’s saying something).

Ever since I started this job I’ve met people I’ve adored and in some cases even loved. And we always have to say good-bye. Nature of business I guess. Once you get a solid team together it’s split apart so they can move good people to other stores. It makes sense, but it’s never easy.

It has been a good lesson though. Now I know that I may not have long with someone, so I damn well better appreciate them while I’ve got them.

Fortune, fortunate, fortis

by mollykl

For everyone who has felt the need to point out my rosacea (and a big thanks to all – I don’t own a mirror, so thank god you told me), I present you with this little story and the hope that you either learn something or just shut up.

By some twist of fate or fortune I stumbled upon this story the day that a woman stopped me, stopped me!, so she could spend five minutes telling me how sorry she was for my skin. I spent another ten upstairs in the office crying. And then I read this and I keep going back to it.

Going to Paris

by mollykl

J pulled out the suitcase from the closet yesterday and announced he was going somewhere. We finally settled on Paris, so he could buy his mother a nice bottle of perfume. Now he keeps dragging the suitcase around the house saying he’s going to Paris. We tell him about the landmarks, the food, what the flight will be like. We know that we can’t afford to go right now (and god knows we don’t want to take a 2-year old on an airplane), but just describing it to him and getting him excited about it is it’s own vacation.